FINvitational 2019 – Meet the teams: Tiger Bay Brawlers

Here’s our last visiting team, Tiger Bay Brawlers from Cardiff!

1. What’s your plan for Finivational?

To play some great derby, to watch some great derby, to party hard and get in some sauna time. Oh and to also spend a small fortune on PicaDeli salads, affectionately known as a coop salad!

2. What’s your league motto?

Athletic. Focused. United.

3. Do you have any league traditions?

The Electric Slide has been a league staple for a long time, mostly as an after party special but we sometimes have a pre-game slide. Our most recent tradition is a dance warm up to the Vengaboys!

4. Harder or Nicer

Work hard. Play hard.

*adding Vengaboys to the playlist* See you soon, Brawlers!