Helsinki alternative top 8 of KRR

Lost in Tripadvisor and Yelp? All you see are the one hypernational hamburger company, chain coffee places and one big white church? Here are Kallio Rolling Rainbow top 10 favourites and hidden gems of Helsinki!


Vaasankatu – a street

The colourful home of Kallio Rolling Rainbow in Kallio! Vaasankatu has been named as the Helsinkian La Rambla, and it is also the home of roller derby shop Jam in the Box. The KRR regular bar B12 can be found on Vaasankatu, with many other restaurant options full of cheap (relatively cheaper, this is Finland anyway!) drinks. B12 experience in KRR style includes building a human pyramid between the bar tables. A few cheap vegan restaurants can now a days be found on Vaasankatu also, as gentrification has driven away some of the older bars and enterprises.


Finnish country side within Helsinki – half-wild sheeps included!

Lammassaari. Photo (c)

Vanhankaupunginselkä rapids, Lammassaari (Isle of Sheep) and Kuusiluoto. Visit a piece of Finnish countryside right in the middle of the city. Say hallo to friendly cattle grazing, visit the bird towers of a small conservation area, find the hidden wooden pathway through Lammassaari to Kuusiluoto island – and view the city in a unique perspective!

(Busses 71, 68)

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Suvilahti skatepark, Kaasutehtaankatu 1

Suvilahti skatepark is the go to place for free, open 24/7 skate ramps. The park was built and funded by a crowdfunding campaign and is full of diy spirit. Suvilahti is located in an urban, old gas factory area near Sörnäinen, and is also the home of many local festivals.

(c) Jussi Hellsten

Suvilahti skatepark during Flow festival. Photo (c) Jussi Hellsten

Ravintola Oiva – Restaurant Oiva, Porthaninkatu 5

Oiva has served it´s customers in Kallio since 1941 in it’s current address. Oiva is your number one go to place for both karaoke and excellent brunches. In Oiva, you should try the Finnish Long Drink  – in finnish “lonkero” – made from Kyrö Distillery company’s award winning Napue Gin! Free entry!

Konepajan Bruno & Sunday fleamarket, Aleksis Kivenkatu 17

The Fleamarket at Konepajan Bruno. Photo (c) Konepajan Bruno

Bruno is a event, concert, fleamarket, food festival and what not venue at the brinks of Kallio. This old, red brick building used to be a train garage, then turned into a venue for culture of all kinds. The Sunday fleamarket – in Finnish kirpputori – are a popular place to drop by from 10.00 to 15.00 for finds of all kinds!

Graduation weekend on 3rd Saturday

All the upper secondary school/high school students and vocational school students will all graduate on the same day on 3rd of June Saturday. This means the whole of one age group will crowd the parks and book all the taxis in their brilliant white graduation caps (sort of looks like a captains hat). So when you meet these groups of happy, party dressed young people on the streets, congratulate them for finishing their studies and wish them luck for the future!

Cafe Regatta, Merikannontie 8 

Photo (c) Cafe Regatta

Cafe Regatta is a proper tourist spot, but many regulars all around of Helsinki come and enjoy their coffee and pulla in this small, red cabin by the sea. In regatta, once you buy a cup of coffee, you´ll get 5 cents back every time you go in for a refill. You can also rent row boats and sup boards! Queue patiently, and order “Pulla ja kahvi, kiitos!”.

Superheroes of Helsinki

If you’re lucky, you can spot Laser Skater, a real-life masked superhero, patrolling the streets of Helsinki on his skates. He is ever vigilant and is known to help Helsinki’s citizens and visitors. You might also get to see of Black Superman from Helsinki, also known as Natural Marcus. He is an acrobat and musician, who is well known in Helsinki for brightening anyone’s day with his tightrope act dressed as Superman.

Every place you need to find, will tell you how! Our public transport connections are excellent!

Hope you enjoy our home city!