Kallio Rolling Rainbow – roller derby in Helsinki, Finland

Kallio Rolling Rainbow is a roller derby league that was established in 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. Our home is and our roots are in the Kallio neighborhood of Helsinki. We share a love for this athletic lifestyle, and our core values are tolerance, community, and the desire to be a positive force in the lives of each of our members as well in our neighbourhood. Kallio Rolling Rainbow has its roots firmly in local street culture, colored by underground influences and a strong self-deprecating sense of humour.

Kallio Rolling Rainbow welcomes anyone regardless of age, gender or body type. Our fundamental value is to accept people exactly as they are. Ultimately, our goal is to celebrate the existence of every color of the rainbow.

Our league consists of our three teams, our top-notch referees and non-skating officials (NSO’s), supporters and fans. Our top team is Kallio All Colours. All Colours competes across the derbyverse. The twenty skaters in our  A-team are chosen every four months.

Keeping them on their toes is the B-team, Kinapori Fistfunkers. The B-team’s best players are constantly rising into the ranks of the A-team. Our newcomer C-team Piritorin Ässät was established in January 2015, raising players to KRR-style team play. We also have three intra-league teams: the Fisters of Mercy, Les Bombas, and Suppopäät/Superbad.

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