Piritorin Ässät – Kallio’s C-team

Piritorin Ässät (Aces of Piritori), founded in January 2015 in Helsinki, is Kallio Rolling Rainbow’s C-team.

Piritorin Ässät is the first roller derby team for many of Kallio’s skaters and a launch pad into the greater derbyverse and Kallio’s travel teams. In Ässät Kallio offers a stable foundation into the sport and an ambitious, communal and motivated team for new roller derby players to develop as skaters and have fun on the track.

The C-team takes part in several individual bouts and smaller roller derby tournaments each year in Finland. Piritorin Ässät has gathered up a fair few victories under its belt, both in away games as well as on its home turf in Helsinki.

Piritorin Ässät is where Kallio’s up-and-coming roller derby stars begin to shine and develop, but the C-team’s aims are more than just competitive success. In Ässät players ranging from beginners to travel team retirees are welcome to have fun, play and practice roller derby in a relaxed, safe environment.

Want to play against Piritorin Ässät? Come visit us or invite us over? Email at info@kalliorollingrainbow.fi!