FINvitational league interviews: Kallio Rolling Rainbow

Interviewee: Vattuvimma

How would you describe your team and your team spirit? What does the audience need to know about you?

All Colours aka “Allit” is a colourful bunch of delightful weirdos – all different, all equal. Ph.D’s, students, paramedics, designed excel wizards… You name it, we have it. We also have the whole nine yards as far as the player histories go: few of us have been with the team since the beginning of the league KRR and lived through the whole evolution of All Colours, all the highs and all the lows. And then some of us have started playing just few years ago and are actually in the very beginning of their fabulous player careers. In the rich excel of life, together we add up to more than our parts – we’re having a blast both on and off track. We play for keeps but won’t take ourselves too seriously.

Tell us some fun facts about your team that can’t be googled.

Our motto is “Let’s always be stupid, forever!” and we take this mantra quite literally, from one limping joke to another. Stupid is the new black.

Rankings in 2016: how was it for you? How about rankings development in the past?

2016 was a big year for us. The previous season didn’t quite play out as we wished it would and we started out with cautious plans. Many of our near and dear European opponents had made it to the Playoffs in 2015 and we knew we were underranked – soon our mutual goal was to pursue courageously a spot in D2 or even D1.

We went for the rankings boost with very few, strictly calculated games in Europe against Dock City, Bear City, Auld Reekie and Rainy. Luckily we achieved a boost from the SFC-game against Stockholm – this made us a bit more attractive opponent. After the fourth – the last required – game against Rainy in June we already felt like winners. Gaining the spot in D1 proved to the world the thing we ourselves already knew: we clearly belonged to the same level with the other European top teams.

2016 was your first time in the Playoffs. How was it?

Our first Playoffs in Montréal was a bittersweet experience. Our goal was of course to play four games – our hearts were especially set on the game against our all time idols, Texas Rollergirls. Unfortunately that dream collapsed along with our first game and first close defeat against Rocky Mountain – also the next two games were losses by a hair. Although close games told their story of us belonging to the D1, perhaps what we missed as a team was tournament experience to be able to turn the games on our favour. All in all the Playoffs were a great learning experience for us and after that we’ve been working on our teamplay and goals for the future.

This year will be very different and we have quite a few changes in the roster. We aim to play a lot more games and maintain our ranking spot somewhere between 30 and 50. WFTDA’s division structure has changed and there are fewer teams in each division: we want to keep our focus in refining the team play of a brand new team without pressures regarding the outcome.  

Especially in the past the rankings boosts have required heavy travelling overseas and we all know it’s not free of charge. What kind of problems you have faced regarding funding the travelling and how have you solved them?

Yeah, and although our travelling was mainly around Europe last year  that can be costly aswell. Luckily this year we’ve managed to throw a couple of home games to cut the travelling expences – so far our only away-games were played in April in Boardwalk Empire the tournament in Santa Cruz, California. Other than that this spring we’ve succeeded to bring the derby world to us in Helsinki: first for the closed mini tournament Farewell to Forearms and now the weekend of FINvitational.

We do all kinds of fundraising, for example working at music festivals and different kinds of fairs, trying to get sponsors and donations, selling merch, running bootcamps and guest coaching gigs and of course we collect the entrance fees of our home games.

KRR has played both Stockholm, HRD and Rainy quite recently. Does it ever feel like you’re playing the same teams over and over again? Do you see this as an advantage or a disadvantage?

There are several advantages playing familiar teams and naturally the game preparation and opponent analysis are easier. And as far as travel expences go it’s awesome to be able to play D1 and D2 level games also in Europe and to strive for the Playoff spots even here on our home continent.

But of course it’s exciting to play new teams. You learn new strategies and the means to respond to them – and of course the opponent isn’t that ready to react to our game style and tactics. The best thing about us climbing up those rankings is definitely the fact that it has opened doors for us to play new tough teams both in Europe and across the pond. That makes it possible for us to develop and become tougher ourselves.

Anything else you want to share on your team? What does the world need to know?

If you feel like participating our team chant, you’re welcome to do that! Here are the lyrics:

Are we gonna win? MAYBE!

Does it matter? NOT REALLY!

Kallio Rolling Rainbow FINvitational Roster