Meet the All Colours leadership for 2020

Our A-team has chosen their new captains and coaches for the season! The leadership is a mix of old and new faces, with big plans for the future and lots of love for the rainbow.


Lenka smiling and hugging a jammerL)))

I play roller derby since 2012 and am one of the founding members of Prague City Roller Derby. I love roller derby for its physicality, but I am also geeking about the strategy and complexity of the game. I started my Finnish adventure in late 2017 and KRR became a second family to me, thus I wanted to give some of that love and support back to the league. Disco forever!

All colours captain Nipa looking straight into camera, smilingT-Bag

I am one of the founding members of KRR, so I have been an active member and player since fishnet stockings were a thing. Still after ten years, this game is my passion, and I feel like this league is my extended family. I have always believed in the strength of the rainbow. I will do my best so that the hard-working, goofy, talented and lovable All Colours will have an awesome season. 

Maura dressed as a handmaid, with a red blanket and a piece of paper on their headVattuvimma

I joined KRR in 2014 and let derby transform me from a bookish couch potato into a bookish sports potato. I wouldn’t have it any other way. In 2020 I want us to shine as a team, work our collective butts off towards D1 again and have the most stupid fun while doing it. I excel in the art of improvised costumes and communicate best through the medium of GIFs.


All colours coach Juha in sunglasses, with text "love is love" Juha

I’ve had an active career in individual sports, mainly athletics, and that’s also where I’ve gained coaching experience. A few years ago I went to see my first roller derby game and realised I had finally found a team sport that could offer something for me as well. Roller derby combines physicality and tactics in a fascinating way, while it also promotes values that are important for me. When a friend of mine from the colourful team asked me to apply for a coaching position, I didn’t have to think long. I think I can bring new views into the team and their training. My goal is that as everyone becomes a better player, our team will rise to a whole new level in the future.


Headshot of Julius, A-team coach, with headphones onJulius

I’m a professional football coach and a roller derby fanboy. The culture around roller derby has left an indelible impression on me. My favourite league needed a coach and I had the time, so when the rainbow calls, you answer. I try to bring all of my coaching and managing skills from football and make them useful for derby. I’m entering this new world as a humble student, and hopefully I’ll succeed at asking some of the right questions.

Main photo by Ville Päivätie/Star Pass Photos. Photo of L))) at the top by Tom Malko Photography.

KRR skaters huddled together with their arms in the air.