FINvitational 2019 – Meet the teams: Kallio Rolling Rainbow

Last but not least: our very own Kallio Rolling Rainbow – All Colours!

1. What’s your plan for Finivational?

Have fun and play hard on our home track while our family and friends are cheering.

2. What’s your league motto?

Let’s always be stupid, forever.

3. Do you have any league traditions?

Huivitanssi! Watch our insta story highlight and come to the FINvitational afterparty to find out!

4. Harder or Nicer

Kovempi mutta kivempi (harder but nicer!)

We, Kallio, are so excited to have you all here next week! Put your party pants on, see you in Pasila!

Kallio All Colours players are huddled in a circle with their arms in the air.