FINvitational league interviews: Sun State Roller Girls

Introducing the first league in our FINvitational series:  Sun State Roller Girls

Answers: from Swarm Captain SX.

How would you describe your team and team spirit? What are your main strengths and challenges?

We’ve always prided ourselves on having an incredibly positive and hardworking team spirit. We’ve been known for being the ‘polite team’, and even had people ask if we’re Canadian because we’ve been so nice! Our strengths lie in our ability to remain a top team after we have retirements, and we put this down to having that positive, structured, and hardworking culture that drives the Swarm.

How would you introduce your team to the tournament audience?

“Sun State Swarm”

Any fun facts about your team or league? 

This year the Swarm is an amalgamation of talented skaters from four different leagues in the previous year!

How were the WFTDA playoffs for you in 2016? How many times have you been there and how has been your development in rankings?

WFTDA Playoffs is always an amazing experience. We have been lucky enough to attend and compete in both 2015 and 2016. Despite losing half a team’s worth of veteran skaters after the 2015 season we managed to maintain our rankings and even made it back to Playoffs in 2016. We had the same amount of skaters retire after our 2016 season, so we’re excited to show that we can rebuild the team again and make it to Playoffs in 2017!

How often do you travel to play outside Australia?

We usually play a tournament outside Australia in the first part of the year, and then also Playoffs. We’d love to travel more as a team, but unfortunately it’s quite expensive, and leave from work also plays a part.

How have you handled the burden of funding all traveling?

We have done a lot of internal fundraising including raffles, boot camps, and merchandise to assist us with the cost, but we self-fund everything. Donations are welcome!

When will you fly to Finland? How much time do you need before hand considering the you have games on three days in a row?

Most of the team fly out May 31st to arrive June 1st, that will hopefully be enough time to work through any jet lag and prepare for the tournament ahead!

KRR is organising their first multiday international WFTDA tournament. What are your tips for the organisers?

We love having our own dedicated space at a tournament where possible, easy access to water, and communication with the captain and coaches.