Photographer accreditation application – Kallio FINvitational

Kallio FINvitational roller derby tournament photography accreditation application is open! Spread the word!

Excess empty space on your camera’s memory card? Have extra film, but don’t know what to do with it? Camera getting dusty? Well, that sucks. But hold on until June, and we’ll solve your problems!

Kallio FINvitational is an international roller derby tournament full of high ranked WFTDA teams, hosted by Helsinki based league Kallio Rolling Rainbow in June 2.-4. The tournament is held in Pasila sports hall, in sunny summer(wish) Helsinki.

Competing teams
Crime City Rollers, Sweden (12) – Helsinki Roller Derby, Finland (22) – Kallio Rolling Rainbow, Finland (30) – Rainy City Roller Derby, UK (20) – Stockholm Roller Derby, Sweden (28) – Sun State Roller Girls, Australia (24)
Accreditation for Kallio FINvitational

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Kuva: Jukka O. Kauppinen

Kallio FINvitational 2017