Roller Derby Suomi Cup, tournament V

Derby fans are in for a rare treat in June! The titans of Helsinki — Kallio Rolling Rainbow and Helsinki Roller Derby — go head-to-head in a grudge match that will be played outside at the Väinämöinen rink on June 15. The match is part of Finland’s championship league, the Roller Derby Finland Cup. This will be the league’s fifth tournament, and features a double header that kicks off with Lahti Roller Derby taking on the Turku Dirty River Rollergrrrls at 15:00. Then, at 17:30, the annual grudge match between the Helsinki teams gets going – a fight you don’t want to miss, where the arch rivals battle for bragging rights for the entire year.

Lahti and Turku are dead even in league points, making this bout a tie-breaking nail-biter between evenly matched teams. Which team has the nerves of steel, the greater gnawing hunger for victory?

Last year, KRR and HRD fought for the coveted summer classic trophy, called Friidu, for the first time. HRD walked away from the battlefield victorious. But KRR is sharpening their claws and oiling up their bearings. Both teams are so far undefeated in the national league. Who’s bringing Friidu home this year? Who’s rolling home bruised and beaten? Come watch this epic rematch to find out!

Kallio Rolling Rainbow kesäklassikko


The Roller Derby Finland Cup is the first roller derby national league in Europe. This year’s pilot series sees six Finnish teams battling it out for the national title. At the moment their standings are as follows:
1. Helsinki Roller Derby (3 bouts, 3 wins, 6 points)
2. Kallio Rolling Rainbow (2, 2, 4)
3. Tampere Roller Derby (3, 1, 2)
4. Dirty River Roller Grrrls (3, 1, 2)
5. Lahti Roller Derby (3, 1, 2)
6. Kouvola Rock N Rollers (4, 1, 2)

The championship league is organized by Roller Derby Finland. More information about the league and the rules can be found at

Roller Derby Finland Cup 2013, Summer Classic
Väinämöisen kaukalo (Väinämöinen rink)
Väinämöisenkatu 4-6

in case of bad weather, the bout will be played at the Helsinki Sports Hall, at Helsinginkatu 25, in Kallio.
15:00 Lahti Roller Derby vs Dirty River Roller Grrrls
17:30 Kallio Rolling Rainbow vs Helsinki Roller Derby

The event at Väinämöinen’s rink is free of charge and open to all ages. If the bout is moved to the sports hall, there will be a 5€ entrance fee- cash only! Free for children under 12.

Café Mascot, 20:30
Neljäs Linja 2
Carlos & the Hehe Hehes, showtime 22:00